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Fisher Hall


Are you starting TU in Fall 2022? It is time for you to begin the housing process. What to do....1. Starting February 15th at 9 AM, the Housing agreement is available (First, you will be prompted to pay a $250 application fee that is fully refundable if plans change before June 1, 2022, then your housing agreement will become available to you.) 2. On your agreement, you will need to select your meal plan, check out the three options (the most popular is the Silver Plan.) 3. Log into My College Roomie and start your roommate search. Don't worry, you have plenty of time to find your match, your room selection date/time arrives on June 1st.

  1. Incoming Student Timeline
  2. June

    Date/Time for Self-Selection Emailed

  3. July

    Last Day to Submit Housing Agreement for Self-Selection

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