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The Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications is the comprehensive, in-house public relations service for The University of Tulsa. Our professional staff of communicators works to strategically build, maintain and strengthen important relationships between the public and the university.

Strategic Marketing & Communications has a variety of communication tools to reach our various publics, including targeted publications, such as magazines, newsletters and brochures for TU’s colleges and academic support units; comprehensive news and marketing services, including news releases and other media vehicles; as well as the university website and social media channels.

For an archive of our articles and releases, please visit our News page.


  • Graphic Standards

    The Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications is responsible for maintaining the graphic style of all publications and specialty items representing The University of Tulsa. The TU Graphic Style Guidelines have been developed to provide guidance when using university graphics. Guidelines and policies that appear on this site are to be followed by all academic and administrative units of the university.

    Publications and specialty items that use any of the official university logos should be approved by the Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications well in advance of the prepress stages of the printing process.

    The University of Tulsa observes a trademark licensing program to protect its trademarked logos. Permission to use any of the marks of the university other than in publications must be obtained from the Business Manager.

    These guidelines and policies have been approved by the president of The University of Tulsa.

    The University of Tulsa Graphic Standards are based on the following:

    Create a consistent and coherent look that encompasses the entire university. Assure that the university’s standards of quality and excellence are reflected to external and internal audiences.

    Style Guidelines

  • Media Resources

    The Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications staff works on a beat system, with each individual working primarily with assigned colleges and program areas.

    These beat areas help establish relationships between University Relations staff and each academic and administrative department.

    There are some beats, such as development and campus events (commencement, homecoming, etc.), that we share.

    Please feel free to contact any member of the staff with your news, story idea, or request for publicity.

    If you don’t know whom to contact, send an email to

  • Events Calendar

    The online TU events calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for University of Tulsa students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the local community.

    The events calendar provides a comprehensive listing of official university-sponsored events including lectures, exhibitions, meetings, cultural events, deadlines and other activities, and is maintained by the Offices of University Relations.

    The events calendar is used to help University Relations push content to other sources such as news media, digital signage, social media and the public website. The calendar also serves as a guide to other departments on campus when planning their own events to avoid double booking.​


    Any TU faculty, staff or student may submit an event to the university calendar. Go to to get started. Use your TU username and password to login into the calendar through any web browser. Read the Event Calendar Guide for step-by-step instructions on submitting an event.

    Once you submit an event, an email is sent to the calendar admin in University Relations. You’ll also get an email containing a link back to the event item. You can make changes to the event until an admin approves it. After it’s been approved, changes or additions must be sent to

    It takes approximately one business day for an event to be approved and appear on the calendar.


    Events include lectures, workshops, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, social events, and academic notices. They may include on-campus events or selected off-campus events sponsored by a TU group. These events may be open to the general public, the TU community or a segment of the TU community.

    Since the calendar is on the public website, events need to specify who can attend them. There are places to indicate the audience group and also the cost and open to instructions on the submission form.

    ​​​Events must be submitted at least three business days prior to the event date so that it has an opportunity to be reviewed. Items should be submitted as soon as possible for maximum promotion and coverage.

    Academic dates and university holidays are added to the events calendar by Strategic Marketing & Communications.


    Currently, the following events CANNOT be posted to the TU events calendar:

    • On-campus events that are hosted by someone who is not a member of the TU community.
    • A personal event.
    • Department or organization events whose details should not be visible to a wide audience.
    • University courses or course-related events sponsored by an academic department.

    Your event submission will be rejected if it doesn’t meet university calendar guidelines.

    Events will be rejected if they are:

    • Illegal (after conferring with legal counsel)
    • In conflict with TU policy
    • Not an event, by definition
    • Doesn’t include title, date, time and location
    • Duplicate of an existing event
    • The facility and/or event was not properly scheduled
    • Not a university-sponsored event

    The TU events calendar is NOT designed for scheduling facilities or rooms. You must go through normal channels to schedule a facility.

    If you have questions or need help submitting an event, please email

  • Digital Signage

    The use of campus digital signage is for University of Tulsa faculty and staff to display information related to campus events, activities and services on campus.

    Digital signage displays event calendar listings in a scrolling feed.  Make sure that all your campus activities on the events calendar.

    If you have questions, please contact Web Systems at

  • Faculty Photos

    If faculty would like to replace their existing cover image or headshot on their faculty bio webpage, or would like to have a new photo taken, please visit Faculty Photo Submission page for complete details.